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Dear Friend,

My name is Harshini Ratnayaka and I am the new Advocacy Coordinator for Save the Dunes. Although I have only been a resident of Indiana for four months, I have grown to love this special place, both its ecological diversity and the people who reside here. I am excited to share the many ways you and your neighbors can make a difference through advocacy and membership.

Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, I learned firsthand the importance of protecting precious ecosystems and habitats in the gulf coast. In school, I studied biology, chemistry, and environmental law. During an internship at Louisiana Sea Grant, I became intimately aware of the unique challenges facing the state of Louisiana.

I can see already that many of the same environmental issues I faced in Louisiana are applicable here. I am excited to utilize my background and skills to further Save the Dunes’ work in areas such as the public trust, water pollution prevention, and shoreline erosion. I am passionate about this cause and grateful for this opportunity to stand up with you to protect the Indiana shoreline.

But enough about me! Today I am writing to ask what role you will play in the work ahead of us -- because it is you and your membership that makes everything possible. As a member-led member-supported organization for more than 70 years, Save the Dunes relies on members for the credibility and the financial resources needed to keep our business and civic leaders accountable, leverage grant funding, and be a consistent community presence year after year.
Friends, I know that you care about our cause. May I ask you to partner with me by becoming a member this year?

I look forward to seeing what more we can accomplish together!

Harshini Ratnayaka
Save the Dunes Advocacy Coordinator